This year (2011) we’re raising five Large Black pigs from Ravenstone Farm in Nanaimo.  The Large Black is a rare heritage breed from the U.K.  We’ve chosen to raise these pigs because if their breed is to survive, they need to be in the food chain.  They are a hardy pig which is easy to raise on pasture, where they happily root for nutrients and food. 

Their flavour is unbeatable.  Unlike the industry standard pink pig raised in confinement, the Large Black has micromarbled meat which has a premium, “old world” flavour.  Since we have 1/2 an acre devoted to raising our pigs, they have plenty of room to run around and develop a deeper muscular structure.  This results in a denser, more flavourful meat.  We use a federally inspected butchering facility in Courtenay where the staff trims all cuts properly so you never end up with a “fatty” piece of meat.

We are encouraging our customers to consider partnering with family and friends to purchase a whole or half pig.  The result is savings for you, and more flexibility in how you would like your cuts of pork processed, how much you would like cured into sausage, bacon, etc.  Please talk to us if this is what you are considering.  Also, we encourage you to come by the farm to meet your meat!  We always welcome visitors and we think it can be very valuable to see exactly where the food on your table is raised.

If you aren’t able to purchase a 1/2 or whole pig, you can order family packs.  All information is available on our Order & Pay page.


Large Black Pigs   

our pigs are raised on pasture without medicated feed, and have free access to fresh water.

Large Black pork is celebrated for its old-world flavour and juicy, well marbled meat structure