A Family-Operated Urban Farm in

Campbell River, BC


We are a small, family-run farm in the city of Campbell River.  We are blessed to have a few acres to grow and raise food for our community. 

Since we started in 2009, raising animals for meat has provided many adventures.  We hope you will join us by sharing the privilege of stepping closer to the food on your table.

Our e-store is now up and running!

We have now opened an online store to make placing orders and payments easier. We have limited supply of our great tasting pasture raised pork and chicken. Have a look around the store.

Introducing “Family Packs” for 2011

This year we will be offering 3 value packages of Pork (January). These will include a selection of frozen cuts and roasts, and larger packs will include ribs.

Farm Fresh Eggs

$4/dozen. We have 15 laying hens; ISA Brown and heritage breeds (Rhode Island Reds, and Red Rocks).  They are free-run and fed organic, all-veggie feed along with other greens on the farm.

Pastured Chicken

This season we will once again raise unmedicated, free-run chicken.  They always have free access to outdoor/indoor runs with plenty of pasture with fresh air and fresh water. Since our chicken are more active than their factory farmed counterparts, our meat is more flavourful and dense without being tough. We encourage you to do a side-by-side flavour comparison!

Pastured Heritage Breed Pork

We think it is important to help preserve the lineage of heritage breed pigs; this ensures more genetic diversity and the pork has much richer flavour.  We are raising five purebred Large Black pigs from Ravenstone Farm on Vancouver Island. We raise all our pigs on pasture where they have free access to fresh water,  food, shelter, and plenty of room to run around. Our pigs have a 100% unmedicated diet. 

Other Farm Products

We occasionally have other products for sale including Lamb, Cabrito, and sheep fleece.  We have planted a market garden and new fruit orchard which will begin producing in a couple years (plums, cherries, apples, pears).  Email us and ask to be included on our mailing list for special offers, or like our facebook page.


Welcome to our family farm!

Eat Good Food.

Support Local Producers.

we’re taking deposits for family packs of chicken (Early September) and pork (January).Order_%26_Pay.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0