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Deposits will be required for all our products this year.  We grow good food, but it’s seasonal and available only in limited quantities!

How to Not Miss Out on delicious food:

Step 1

Select each product you’d like to purchase from the list below. Each item requires an individual deposit.

We sell meat by the pound, and we won’t know the final weight until your meat is packaged. Please see the product descriptions (below) for an estimate of final weight and cost for each item.

Step 2

Select pickup location for your purchase. Delivery fees will apply, so we prefer you to pickup your products here at the farm. 

Step 3

Click “View Cart” and enter the quantity of each product.  Please include your address and contact information-- we’ll need this to send your final invoice and coordinate pickup.

Step 4

Complete your order and deposit payment.

Step 5

You will receive a final invoice via email once your order has been processed and the final weights have been determined.  You can make your final payment through PayPal with the provided link.

Step 6

Pick up your order and cook up some delicious, fresh, locally grown food.

Gift certificates

Gift certificates are available for any amount, please click on the link below.


We sell chicken three ways: whole (bagged), Breasts, (vacuum sealed), and Thighs and Legs (vacuum sealed). For more information about our chicken, see the chicken page.


  1. average final weights of our pastured chicken is between 6 and 8 pounds, or $24-$32 per bird.

  2. whole chickens are bagged and frozen, or fresh on the assigned pickup day (to be announced)

  3. the deposit price per chicken is $10.

  4. please select the quantity you would like from the shopping cart after you click on add to cart


  1. Our pieced chicken is commercially vacuum sealed and freezer ready. 

  2. the deposit price per breast is $5.

  3. please select the quantity you would like from the shopping cart after you click “add to cart”


  1. Our pieced chicken is commercially vacuum sealed and freezer ready.

  2. the deposit price per leg/thigh pack is $5 (1 leg and thigh per pack)

  3. please select the quantity of packs you would like from the shopping cart after you click “add to cart”


Our pork is purebred Large Black, which is a heritage breed from the United Kingdom.  For more information see our pork page. Our pigs are processed and cut/wrapped at Gunter Brothers in Courtenay, about 35 minutes from our farm.  We are offering frozen pork chops, spare ribs and roasts in the following packages: whole pig, 1/2 pig, and value packs

Whole and 1/2 pigs will include extras like offals, jowls, hocks, etc. and these will be available in limited quantities.

Cured and smoked products (sausages, bacon, bone-in ham) will also be available. Please indicate your interest in the selection below.


  1. Whole & 1/2 pigs (cut how you want) $4.50/lb

  2. Bone-in pork chops: $8/lb

  3. Leg and Shoulder Roasts: $7/lb

  4. Spare Ribs: $7.50/lb

  5. Offals, Hocks, Jowels: contact us

  6. Bone-in smoked ham: contact us

  7. Bacon, sausage, etc: contact us


These packs are available in three sizes, and each will contain an assortment of leg/shoulder roasts and pork chops.  Ribs will be included in the largest size pack.  Considering sharing a pack with multiple families? How about a 1/2 pig?!

Deposits will be 50% of the total Value Pack price.


These will be your best value, and you will be able to have your pork cut and wrapped exactly the way you want it! (we will provide you with the cut sheet from Gunter Brothers)  We charge $4.50 per pound hanging weight. This is the weight of the carcass before it is cut into steaks, roasts, etc. The off the rail rail weight is the weight of the meat you take home, after the bones and trim have been removed . The $4.50/lb hanging weight price includes butchering, although additional fees will apply for extra butchering, such as sausage, burger patties, jerky, and vacuum packing. Since we don’t know the final hanging weight of our pigs, we can’t give you a specific price. The hanging weight of the whole pigs will range from 180-250 lb, with the total price including butchering ranging form $800-$1150. Call us if you have questions.  Deposit secures your meat and price.